...never leaves you with Leadbelly.

There’s something about a sweet guitar lick that soothes the soul.

The mix of precision and passion can be felt as much as it can be heard. The framework for a great song is there for anyone to play. But only a true master can take twelve bars and make them his own. A few names come to mind. BB... Jimi... Stevie Ray...

Like the music itself, Twelve Bar Brews are as much about the feeling as they are about the craft. Our beers are boisterous and fun with a dry-hopped finish and a flavor profile that’s anything but pretentious. These are down-home beers that are artfully crafted but never over the top. The front is bold as a power chord but the finish delivers all the finesse of a twelve string guitar solo.

Come on down to our tasting room and try some! We love to chat and show off our shiny copper kettles. Get a growler or take home a few bottles to go. And look for Twelve Bar Brews at your favorite pub or eatery.

Here are some of the many locations that feature Twelve Bar Brews:

  • Barking Dog Alehouse, Ballard
  • Beveridge Place, West Seattle
  • Collins' Pub, Downtown
  • Cooper's Alhouse, Lake City
  • Fiddler's Inn, Wedgewood
  • Hopvine, Cap Hill
  • Hudson Public House, Lake City
  • Latona Pub, Greenlake
  • Mix, Georgetown
  • Sully's Snowgoose, Phinney Ridge
  • Lake Trail Taproom, Kenmore
  • Preservation Kitchen, Bothell
  • Norm's Market, Lake Stevens

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